Valitse sivu


Approved in the annual meeting held on 12. September 2020

1. The vision, mission, and values


1.1 Vision

Society, that is thoroughly equal and free of discrimination, and where the diversity of masculinities is recognized and everybody can genuinely be and express oneself.


1.2. Values

Equality, accountability, and humanity (being humane) are key values of the association. 


1.3. Mission

“The purpose of the association is to bring forth and advance equality issues concerning boys and men from an intersectional feminist approach. The association seeks via its actions to build a world where everyone is truly equal.  The association acknowledges the diversity of masculinities, gender, and humanity, and respects this principle in all its actions. The association pays special attention to questions and things related to maleness.”

  • Vision, approved 12.9.2020


“The purpose of the association is to advance the values of intersectional feminism from a male point of view. The association seeks via its actions to expose and to prevent harmful and narrow cultural demands and ways of operating as well as societal structures and norms as they relate to maleness.”

  • Rules, approved at the association meeting 19.11.2018 and by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office 14.1.2019


The mission is realized

  1. i) by taking an active role as the promoter of men’s equality and parity, for instance by being active in societal debates, taking the role of an agenda-setter and being a role model for men,
  2. ii) by encouraging men to take part in the equality work, 

iii) by dismantling harmful societal structures and social norms, for example by increasing awareness on both societal and individual levels, 

  1. iv) by building a community for feminist men and feminists interested in men’s equality,
  2. iv) by offering a constructive and inviting option for men on a face-to-face level and online,

and by

  1. v) functioning as a good and responsible ally. 

The aforementioned steps are elaborated on in part 3. Activity and means.


2. Core questions and strategic focuses


Miehet ry promotes equality and parity and works to dismantle harmful structures. This is done by focusing on certain questions. The core questions in the association’s activity are: 

  • The diversification of masculinities and how men are portrayed, making visible the experiences of marginalized men
  • Preventing the violence* committed by men towards men, women, and other genders
  • Promoting equal and discrimination-free military service
  • Preventing marginalization and advancing mental health 
  • Narrowing and erasing differences in education and learning both among men and between all genders
  • Breaking taboos related to sex and relationships
  • Supporting healthy modes of behavior (such as requiring clear consent for sex) and preventing violence
  • Advancing themes related to fatherhood, equal parenthood, and care
  • Supporting the development of men’s emotional skills 
  • Challenging harmful online contents and communities targeted to boys and men and offering well-being increasing alternative to them
  • Creating a community for both feminist men and those interested in men’s equality issues and alleviating feelings of loneliness and inadequacy via friendship and communality


  • Being good allies, which means advancing the rights of and supporting the work done by minorities and women via intersectional feminism and anti-racism. 

Of these, the following are strategic focuses:

  • The diversification of masculinities and how men are portrayed, making visible the experiences of marginalized men
  • Supporting healthy modes of behavior and preventing violence
  • Good and accountable allyship

These strategic focuses guide the actions of the association when it is forced to choose which questions to primarily promote due to a lack of resources, or for other reasons. The executive board can also, based on a motion by the membership or its own consideration, pick annual themes that will receive special attention during the chosen year.

*Physical, psychological and mental violence


3. Activities and means


Miehet ry is an association that focuses on societal and political influencing, and also works with men in an interactive and social manner within its resources. Although most of the resources are directed towards societal influencing, such as communication and political preparation, social work such as peer events for men are also a part of the association’s activities. The association may seek separate project funding to facilitate high-quality social work for men.

In order to become an even more efficient and influential societal actor, the association aims to hire one or more persons whose valuable efforts help the association to reach its goals. Furthermore, the employee or employees need(s) a place to work. A stationary workstation makes it also easier to contact the association otherwise than online.


3.1. Forms of activity

The association’s activities can be divided into two categories: 1. Influencing and 2. events. These two forms of activity advance the association’s goals in unison. Strategically they fulfill different parts (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi) of goals, as specified in 1.3.

The association takes into account that it doesn’t need to invent the wheel again, and can thus draw on the examples set by Finnish and foreign parties in both influencing and event organization. The association is aware that there is a great deal of important equality work being done in Finland. The basis for successful influencing is found in recognizing our own unique position, and in advancing the common goals of different associations together in a resource-wise way.

In the spirit of good allyship, the association makes room for and supports the equality and human rights work being done by minorities’ and women’s rights organizations. 

All the events organized and all the influencing done follows the principles of creating safe spaces.


Table 1. Activities

Influencing the broad audience Influencing leaders and defined audiences Member events Public events
Campaigns (i, ii, iii, vi) Giving statements to s programs and laws (i, iii, vi) Panels and expert statements (i, iii, vi) Discussions and panels (i, ii, iii, vi)
Opinions, blogs, and columns (i, ii, iii, vi) Leader-meetups and attending workshops (i, iii, vi) Discussion and peer groups for members mainly but also for non-members (iii, iv, v, vi) Protests, flashmobs, Thunderclaps  (i, ii, iii, vi)
Activity in social media (i, ii, iii, vi) Campaigns (i, iii, vi) Brunch, picnic, after work, cooking together (iv, v) Speech karaoke, luncheons (iii, iv, v)
Workshops, public events, expert statements (i, ii, iii, vi) Opinions, blogs, and columns (i, iii, vi) Training and introductions – can be organized together with other groups (iv, v) Election events such as panels and informal couch discussions (i, iii, vi)
Media appearances, other, public appearances (i, ii, iv, vi) Activity in the social media ) i, iii, vi) Sports and goofing, board games, movie nights (also remotely), sauna, summer-tournaments, other activities (iv, v) Cooperation with other equality and human rights organizations. (i, iii, vi)
International cooperation, for example with MenEngage member associations (i, iii, iv, vi) Elections: campaigns, influencing the formation of political agendas and stances (i, iii, vi) Inclusive and participatory activities and decision-making together with the members (ii, iii, iv, v)
Cooperation with other equality and human rights organizations. (i, iii, vi) Workgroups and networks: divisions of TANE and the rainbow-political network of SETA  (i, iii, vi)
Cooperation with other equality and human rights organizations. (i, iii, vi)



4. Strategic milestones and indicators


See: appendix 1.


5. The position of Miehet ry within the field of equality, parity, and human rights work 


See: appendix 2.